Due to change in weather, many diseases affect us and our surrounding environment. The health problems that we face or the diseases we face when the weather changes are called seasonal allergies.

Due to seasonal allergies, the most sensitive parts of our body start getting affected. Such as - nose, ear, eyes, mouth, throat and skin etc. But sometimes allergies have a widespread effect on other parts of the body as well

Allergic problems like these tend to go away with the seasons, but sometimes they have to be dealt with for the rest of their lives

So let us tell you what to change in your diet to keep yourself safe from seasonal allergies.

Drink ginger decoction. Antioxidant properties are found in ginger decoction, which can reduce allergies in the nose. Ginger is rich in antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

Consumption of purple basil tea (a few basil leaves and cloves in 1 cup of water). Anti-bacterial and anti-virus properties present in Tulsi relieves problems like sore throat, cough and cold.

Using aloe vera gel can be effective for you if you have skin related problems in seasonal allergies. It is also effective in boosting weak immunity.

Gargling with salt water clears the dust and soil present in the throat. Also, it can be effective in reducing the problem of mucus.

Even if honey is consumed in the problem of allergy, you will get relief from the problem of allergy to a great extent. Honey boosts immunity 

When the weather is changing, dust and dirt can accumulate in clothes. So change clothes regularly. Always try to wear clean clothes

These home remedies can be used in the problem of allergies. However, if the problem is getting worse, then contact your doctor.