Kim Kardashian - one of the richest women in the world, Kim is fond of cars, her cars taste great

Pic – Instagram/google

Kim's car collection includes a variety of expensive cars from Mercedes, Maserati to Lamborghini. A large part of KK's income is devoted to collection

Ferrari 458 Italia – The current price of this car in Kim's car collection is $277,400, Kim has been spotted on several occasions with the red colored 458 Italia

Lamborghini Urus - Kim covered this car with SKIMS fabric in 2021, due to which her car was heavily criticized by fans, the total cost of this car is currently $240,000 USD

Rolls-Royce Ghost - This car from her Car Collection graces the garage by staying in the line of expensive cars. Current price of the car is $400,000 with minor change

Mercedes Maybach S580 - This car is very close to Kim Kardashian's car collection, which Kim considers her favorite car, which is currently priced at USD 184,000.

Mercedes Maybach GLS600 - This car was gifted by Kanye West to Kim Kardashian on Christmas, with a total value of US$200,000. The Maybach GLS600 is one of KK's favorite car

Pic – Instagram/google

Maserati Gran Turismo: This Gran Turismo in Kim's car garage takes the scene to a whole different level. The current price of this car is $150,000 USD, She has been spotted several times with this car

Lamborghini Urus Maserati– This car is one of Kim's favorite cars, after herrelationship with Kanye West ended, she bought this luxury sporty car, the current price of the car is around $600,000 USD

Land Rover Range Rover - Kim's car is priced at $177000 USD, which looks like all the other cars in Kim's car collection, with many changes Kim has received, such as platinum wheels and a black interior