Coca Cola – John Pemberton accidentally created this soft drink, while intended to make a tonic for headaches and digestive problem

Potato Chips – This incident dates back to 1853, when a chef in Sara Toga Springs, NY, cut potatoes into thin paper pieces and crisp-fry, an incident that happened suddenly by the chef

Popsicles – This was created in 1905 by an 11-year-old child who accidentally frozen a mixture of sweet water and soda

Toasted ravioli – This is also a stuffed pasta made by deep frying it non-invasively, like chimichanga

Slurpee – Omar Knedlik, owner of Kansas City Dairy Queen, had to put some soda bottles in the freezer for some reason or the other, and these bottles froze, creating the Slurpee.

Chimichanga - Chef Monica Flynn accidentally fried a burrito in oil, and used it instead of throwing it away, which tasted deliciou

Champagne - this white liqueur was initially unplanned, later created by Benedictine monk Pierre Perignon, and today it is world famou

Chocolate Chips Cookies - The most popular cookie was invented by mistake in the year 1930, the cookie was created while the chocolate was melted.

Corn Flakes – Excellent and best for breakfast, although it was accidentally created in 1890 during cooking by two brothers John Keelong and Will Keelong.