Mixing Powder Of Radish Seeds And Vinegar With Cow's Urine Or Ginger Juice And Applying It On The White Spots Gets Rid Of The Stain

If Radish Is Regularly Consumed In The Morning On An Empty Stomach While Suffering From Jaundice, Then Emancipation From The Condition Can Be Attained In A Short Period Of Time

Consumption Of Radish Gets Rid Of Stomach And Digestive Problem

Gets Rid Of Urinary Problems And Eliminates Kidney Infections

Potassium Found In Radish Controls High Blood Pressure

Radish Is Very Beneficial For Diabetic Patients, Due To Its Consumption, The Increased Blood Sugar In The Blood Is Controlled.

Radish Helps In Digestion And Water Retention And Cures Constipation Faster, Also It Rapidly Cures Symptoms And Disorders Of Pile

Consumption Of Radish Helps In Reducing Weight

Radish Consumption Is Very Effective In Improving Liver Function

Patients Suffering From Heart Disease Should Eat Radish Regularly

Radish Is Beneficial In Cancer, It Has Anti-Carcinogenic Properties, It Is Especially Beneficial In Cancer Related To Kidney, Colon And Stomach

Consumption Of Radish Is Equal To One Medicine Even In The Problems Related To The Respiratory System