Inti Restaurant - For group dinners at night, Hell's Kitchen is a cool restaurant with delicious options for Peruvian cuisine. It's Perfect for a Casual Weekend Dinner

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Hummus Kitchen - It has a great alternative to mainly traditional Mediterranean dishes. Perfect for a casual weeknight dinner

Guantanamera - This restaurant is a great option for a large group consul weekly dinner at Hell's Kitchen. If you want to enjoy the music and food along with the decor, then definitely go here.

Cantina Rooftop – Bright and colorful restaurant, decorated with a sun-glazed roof, where you can enjoy Mexican, Latin, bar and Spanish cuisine on a casual weekend

Nano Ecuadorian Kitchen - Hell's Kitchen has a superior menu of Ecuadorian cuisine. Where It Might Be Best to Go for a Casual Weekend Dinner

Capizzi - Casual weeknights from Hell's Kitchen for dinner. where one can enjoy eating a large margherita pie made of wood

Pure Thai Cookhouse – This restaurant is the perfect choice for Hell's Kitchen when you're looking to ditch the best and taste of Thai cuisine, which offers a pure Thai menu of vegetarian noodles and vegetable dishes.

Empanada Mama - Latin cuisine as well as other types of cuisine can be enjoyed here at Hell's Kitchen. If you are not able to decide on what to eat here, then you can enjoy the signature dish Empanada.

Queen of Sheba – There is a choice in Ethiopian cuisine for vegetarians as well as anyone. After finishing the course there is an option to try the rum cake. Best for casual weekend

Danji - It's Hell's Kitchen is full of Korean cuisine. From kimchi fried rice to hand-made dumplings, you can enjoy a variety of dishe